Szigetvár Castle silver collector coin PP, 2016

A wonderful gift for those who love history and architecture! Great for collectors as well!From the series of historical Hungarian castles!

10 000 Ft
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38,61 mm
31,46 g
Szanyi Borbála
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The seventh release in the series Hungarian Castles
One of Hungary’s most famous castles secured its place in European history in 1566 when Commander Miklós Zrínyi and his 2,500 Hungarian and Croatian soldiers halted the advance of one hundred thousand Turks under Sultan Suleiman. The greatest sultan of the Ottoman Empire did not live to see the capture of the castle: he died two days before the siege ended and his death was kept secret. Despite the intense siege lasting over a month, Zrínyi rejected surrender and fought to the very end: at dawn on September 7 he charged forth from the castle at the head of 200 soldiers, setting a great example of selfless patriotism. Almost all of the castle’s defenders died as heroes. Szigetvár came under Turkish rule for 122 years, as evidenced by the castle’s reconstruction by the Turks and the Suleiman mosque with its truncated minaret, prayer chamber facing Mecca and fragments of Turkish, Arabic and Persian writing on the walls.

Front: The main motif on the front is the figure of Miklós Zrínyi in armour with mace and sword in hand, with the legend “ZRÍNYI MIKLÓS” and “SZIGETVÁR VÉDŐJE” to the right. The front also has the mandatory elements: the legend “MAGYARORSZÁG”, the denomination 10 000 FORINT, the mint mark “BP.” with security features in micro-script and the date of issue “2016”.
Back:The back has a depiction of the south view of Szigetvár Castle, with an excerpt from the Siege of Szigetvár by the great-grandson Zrínyi Miklós, in which Zrínyi exhorts his soldiers to charge, in the foreground, where the battlefield once was. The surface structure of the quote is unique in the history of central bank commemorative coin issues. The coin was designed by Borbála Szanyi, whose master mark is found on the back, embedded in the image of the castle.
Keywords:Castles, architecture, Hungarian history, silver, collector coin, coin, 2016, series

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