We have compiled some of the concepts that every collector and future collector should be familiar with.


Why is recommended to register?

Once you have created your account by registration, you can submit your order. The system for payment by bank card can only be accessed by registered users, as well.

Registration shall be done only once, later when you login to our homepage, your delivery address will be automatically used.

How can I change my password or any other personal details?

Your Username is the e-mail address you provided upon registration. Following registration, you can change the information received in the e-mail after successfully logging in by clicking on the “My account” icon at the top of the Webpage. If you forget your password, click on PASSWORD REMINDER, enter the e-mail address you use for the Mint’s Webpage, and we will send you the link needed to create your new password. After clicking on the link, enter your new password and then re-enter it to confirm.


Why couldn't you just send me my login data through e-mail?

Your e-mai laddress and password identifies you in our system. If your password would be exposed to others, they could simply log in with your data and send orders or pre-order in place of you.
Passwords are stored in a closed system, with strong encryption, so even our system administrators are unable to access them. If you forget your password, you can create a new password by clicking on PASSWORD REMINDER.

Why is it important to pay attention when entering my e-mail address?

Inaccurate e-mail address can be the reason not to receive our confirmation of order or advance-order.


How can I get back to the previous screen?

You can get back to any of the previous screens by clicking on the „Back” button of the browser, which can be found on the upper track of the page.

Can I pay by bank card?

Yes, we accept bank cards through the Six Payments’s encrypted transaction service online. Accepted cards are VISA Classic, Visa Electron and Eurocard/Mastercard. You can also pay by card at our coinshop when you are shopping in person. Accepted cards are:



Who can receive the online ordered items in person?

Either the ordering party himself may receive the ordered goods in person after the provision of the ordering party’s name and full address, or he may also authorise a third person to pick up the items. For orders which value is over HUF 50,000 a written authorisation is required. The authorisation should contain the necessary identifying information of the ordering party (name, address, order confirmation no.).

Can I order by phone?

We accept orders or advance-orders only in a written form. No phone-orders are accepted.

When can I pick up the ordered and prepaid items?

Please allow us three working days after you got our order-confirmation to prepare your order. Than you can pick up your goods at any time appropriate for you within the official working hours of our coinshop.

How can I subscribe to the online newsletter of the Hungarian Mint?

Registration does not automatically enroll you for the Newsletter. During registration, you must separately authorise us to send you the Newsletter. You can sign up for the Newsletter by marking the box during registration. Afterwards, you can sign up by clicking on the icon “Sign up for Newsletter” on the Webpage.

What frequency do newsletters come out?

Newsletters are published in case of actualities, and not periodically every month or week. Actually only Hungarian versions are available.

How can I order engraving or photograving?

For online orders, engraving or photo-engraving must be ordered separately, using the offer request form in the menu point Gifts/For companies, by which you can send the text to be engraved and add the photo to be photograved on the required medal. Orders can also be submitted in person at our coinshop by filling the relevant formular. Required digital photos: min. 240 dpi, jpg format or paper-base photos can be scanned. The quality of the photograved picture can be affected by the the scanning results.

Does Hungarian Mint buy back coins, medals or any other products?

We redeem the collector coins being legal tender of Hungary to circulation coins and notes at their face value, pending on their condition (i.e. at least the face value should be identified).

No other buying back activity is carried out by the Mint, except the repurchase of the investment gold bars produced by the Hungarian Mint. The repurchase of the investment gold bars will be effected upon the LBMA PM fixing prior to the day of repurchase quoted in US dollars and changed upon the changing rate of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank fixed on the day of the repurchase into HUF. Investment gold products of the mint suitable for reselling will be bought back at a price calculated above minus 10 per cent. The price of defected products will be reduced by 20 per cent after controlled their weight by measuring.

I can’t put the needed quantity into my cart!

If you can’t choose the required number when you are ordering, the requested item is either no more available or there is less than 5 pieces available. This does not mean however that the requested item became totally sold out, it is also possible, that just the stock of our webshop run out. This case, please refer to our webshop at a later time and try to order the needed item again, or get in contact with us by e-mail.

The unit price is 0 either in the cart or at the product page. What is this?

If you see a 0 for unit price, then you're facing an error. Please contact us to correct this error!

How can I use the search field?

Please type the sought word(s) into the search field at top right corner of the site, and hit enter. You may then narrow your search by choosing the proper topic at the Search results page.

What's this new "control panel" at the product list pages?

The new product filtering panel helps you find your desired products while you are browsing the product pages.

How can I enjoy the loyalty discount programme?

Please click here for details!

What are "Bundles" and what benefits can I gain through them?

Bundle offers are giving you an opportunity to assemble your own gift packs by selecting the desired product(s) from the given list into the bundle's giftbox. Moreover, we are making this more irresistible by giving you a special discount on these products! Note: The customer loyalty discount does not apply to bundles, but it's values contributes to your total shoppings amount, the calculating base of loyalty discount.


Coins have been a collector’s item for centuries, thanks to their value, their timeless beauty
and their historical significance.


As an idea for beginner collectors, we recommend building your collection around a simple theme or even one of your own ideas. The easiest and cheapest way to start a collection can be to focus on domestic circulation coins, for example by year, type or series. This can later be expanded to include foreign coins, or even commemorative coins.


Commemorative coins are generally worth more than their circulation value, and issuers from almost every country in the world offer a myriad of different collecting themes.


As you build your collection, it’s good to start specialising later on, or even to expand the underlying idea. For instance, you can focus on certain country or issues from a specific part of the world. You can also chose universal collecting themes, such as coins related to sports or endangered animals, or modern coins or any other such concept.

Looking for an older coin from the past millennium?

Interested in products made of gold?

Interested in silver coins or medals?

Looking for alloy coins or medals?

Want to buy circulation series?

For collectors of the series “The World’s Smallest Gold Coins”

To share experience in collecting, it’s a good idea to look up professional collecting associations, which can also be a good source for expanding your collection. Hungarian Coin Collectors’ Association http://www.eremgyujtok.hu/
Hungarian Numismatic Society http://cms.numizmatika.org/index.php/hu/