100th Anniversary of the birth of János Harsányi non-ferrous collector coin BU 2020

A great gift idea for scientists and science fans! New coin in the series of Hungarian Nobel laureates!

2 000
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38,610 mm
30,800 g
Pelcz Balázs
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Szállítás: 4-5 munkanap
Termék kód: KC032020-07

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János Harsányi, a Hungarian Nobel Memorial Prize laureate in Economic Sciences, was born in Budapest on 29 May 1920. His primary field of research was game theory, he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for the results he achieved in incomplete information games in 1994 as a co-recipient with John Forbes Nash and Reinhard Selten ʻFor his ground-breaking work in the area of non-cooperative game theory and equilibrium analysisʼ. In the field of game theory, they were the first scientists to receive the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. János Harsányi’s game theory results have had impacts on the entire field of economics and people’s everyday lives until today. Its effects on arms control and disarmament and spectrum auctions are still present.

Front: The central motif on the obverse of the coin is a triangular, endless set of stairs representing a hierarchical structure. A railing breaks the circular line surrounding the central motif on the left, and a ladder emerging from the centre of the stairs on the right. A symbolic representation of Harsányi’s idea, deserving a Nobel Memorial Prize, is shown on the obverse. According to this, he swapped an infinite regression (represented by the set of stairs) with a much simpler phrase (represented by the ladder). The compulsory elements of collector coins are also found on the obverse: on the edge, in the upper legend, the wording ʻMAGYARORSZÁGʼ (Hungary), is shown and at the bottom the denomination ʻ2000ʼ and the lettering ʻFORINTʼ, to the left, below the representation of the railing, the mint mark ʻBP.ʼ, containing a security element, to the right, positioned vertically between the two upright pieces of the ladder the mint year ʻ2020ʼ is placed.

Back: The thematic side introduces the recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with a portrait of János Harsányi as the central motif. To the left, the lettering HARSÁNYI, and to the right the wording JÁNOS are placed in an upper arch-shaped legend, while and the two years 1920 – 2000 indicating the birth and the death of the renowned scientist are shown in the lower legend. Below the portrait, the sculptor Balázs Pelcz’ master mark is shown.