For investors!

We offer several kinds of bullion coins, gold bars and gold commemorative coins for investment purposes!
Price appreciation for gold commemorative coins is influenced by the combination of the limited quantity, the artistic design and the precious metal contents.

In addition to gold commemorative coins, we also offer traditional investment gold products, including bullion coins from the Austrian mint, Münze Österreich AG. The series “Vienna Philharmonic” is one of the most popular series of investment coins in Europe. They have been produced since 10 October 1989. The coins are released with a uniform, unchanged design every year…


The circulation series contain one example of the circulation coins that are legal tender. This field of collecting is very popular at the international level as well, and for good reason: because it is very interesting to look back later and see what kinds of coins were jingling in our pockets in years past.

Circulation series consist of special, hand-fed circulation coins which are not mass produced, in extra brilliant or proof quality. Special, limited edition circulation series with other pieces such as medals, fantasy coins and commemorative coins have also been produced along with the traditional circulation coin sets since 2006.

We also offer first-day strikes of circulation coins in gift packaging. These coins are produced on standard coin presses and packaged in blisterpack upon the start of production, in UNC (uncirculated) quality.

Looking for a special gift for a relative or friend?

Need a present for a celebration, wedding, religious event or graduation? Check out our special products! Would you like to give a personalised coin with a special message? No problem: we offer pure silver coins with customised images, pictures and texts. Have a look around in our Webshop!


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Fantastic collection in the House of Wisdom

Did you know that there’s an unparalleled collection of Hungarian Mint coins on display in Buda’s Castle District? It can be viewed in the thoroughly renovated old City Hall (Úri utca 21), which also features several other interesting collections.


What’s 1,000 years worth?

The history of the Hungarian Mint is intertwined with the thousand-year history of Hungarian minting, which started with denar coins struck by King Saint Stephen.

Customised coins: distinctly unique

We can produce unique, customer-designed coins for company anniversaries, special events, conferences and other occasions, based on your specific graphic design, sketch or description. If needed, we can also produce graphic designs (or have such designs prepared working with renowned coin designers).


Why collect coins from the Hungarian Mint?

The medals and coins, including circulation coins and commemorative coins, bear the date of minting. Their value is determined by their artistic design, the value of the precious metals they contain, the limited series in the case of commemorative coins, and by the nominal face value in the case of circulation coins. However, in addition to their material worth, they also have historical and numismatic value.


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