„Coining value over the centuries”

Our mission is to maintain the 1,000-year traditions of Hungarian minting and to preserve and present the values of Hungarian history and culture.
With due regard to the rich heritage of Hungarian minting, but at the same time mindful of modern tastes and wishes, we create products of the highest quality, using innovative solutions and modern equipment.

Our main activities

Our company’s main activity is to manufacture the circulation coins ordered by the MNB for circulation purposes, as well as to manufacture and distribute the commemorative coins issued by the MNB. Above and beyond our main activity, we also produce unique, artistically designed medals using state-of-the-art minting equipment and the in-depth knowledge of our minting experts.


Manufacture and distribution of commemorative coins

With its issues of commemorative coins, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank celebrates notable anniversaries of major figures from Hungarian history, culture, science and the arts, and commemorates important Hungarian and international events. The MNB has exclusive issuing right in Hungary; in accordance with its orders, we produce the commemorative coins and – following issuance by the central bank – sell them as the initial distributor.

Manufacture and distribution of circulation series

Our circulation series are a special product, with a collection of extra brilliant (BU) and mirror-finish proof quality (PP) coins in special, illustrated packaging. Our company manufactures and distributes the circulation series. On occasion, the circulation series are supplemented with individual medals or coins related to the theme of the packaging.

Custom medal production

Our company also produces medals based on custom orders, in accordance with the customer’s wishes and specifications, with individualised designs. These custom medals are ideal for special occasions, important events, company anniversaries, conferences, etc.

Medals and coins for special occasionsk

The medals and coins produced by our company are works of art, celebrating the great figures of Hungarian history, culture, arts and science. They are suitable both as company gifts and for collecting. Our range of products features gifts for many important kinds of family events and some can be customised with special engraving or photo-engraving services.

The history of the Hungarian Mint is intertwined with the 1,000-year history of Hungarian minting, which started with denar coins struck by King Saint Stephen.

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“Coin Constellation Contest – Coin classic” – 1st place: The gold florin of King Sigismund (1387-1437) – gold coin from the series Gold Florins of Medieval Hungary
(Principal: Magyar Nemzeti Bank)


“Coin of the Year” People’s Choice Award from World Coin News
The 5000-forint silver commemorative coin celebrating the Őrség National Park, from the collector series “National Parks of Hungary”

Other awards


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