Castle of Eger non-ferrous collector coin, BU 2018

A wonderful gift for those who love history and architecture! Great for collectors as well!From the series of historical Hungarian castles!

2 000
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38,61 mm
30,80 g
Szunyogh László DLA
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The eighth release in the series Hungarian Castles
As a part of the system of strongholds, the Castle of Eger played a key role in the defence of the Kingdom of Hungary. The most famous moment in its thousand-year history came with the siege of 1552, when commander István Dobó successfully led 2,000 defenders against an Ottoman army almost thirty times larger, as famously celebrated by the bard Sebestyén Tinódi Lantos and described in Géza Gárdonyi classic novel Eclipse of the Crescent Moon.

Front: The front of the coin features a profile portrait of the famous castle defender István Dobó in helmet and armour. 7The circular legend “DOBÓ ISTVÁN” runs around the top. To the right of the captain there is a grape leaf, alluding to his vineyards and prosperous wine-making activities. The mandatory elements are also found here, such as the denomination “2000 FORINT”, the date “2018”, a mint mark “BP.” with special security features and the master mark of the coin’s designer László Szunyogh, DLA.
Back: The central motif on the back of the coin is a depiction of the south side of the Castle, with the Hippolit Tower, the Gergely bastion and part of the castle wall. In the foreground of the castle in the centre is the legend “EGRI VÁR”. Below this runs the circular legend “MAGYARORSZÁG”, which is also the mandatory element on the coin. The legend around the rim of the back reads “A FALAK EREJE NEM A KŐBEN VAN, HANEM A VÉDŐK LELKÉBEN” (The strength of the walls is not the stone, but the spirit of the defenders), referring to the patriotic exhortation used by Captain István Dobó to embolden the defenders prior to the siege.