‘One With Nature’ World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition non-ferrous collector coin 2021 BU

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2 000
date of issue:
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38,4 mm
30,8 g
László Szlávics jr
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On the occasion of the successful World of Hunting Exhibition held in Budapest in 1971, Hungary is organising an international hunting and nature exhibition in 2021. By organising the ‘One With Nature’ World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition, Hungary aims to demonstrate nature conservation in an authentic and modern manner through the example of forest and game management and fish farming, involving Hungarian and international participants. A key objective of this programme series is to shape social thinking resulting in strong nature conservation, the preservation of our values, the clarification of the phrase of sustainable utilisation of nature in Hungary for a reasonable and careful development of our civilisation.

Front: In their design, the collector coins are adjusted to the design scheme of the One With Nature World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition.On the obverse, the emblematic logo of the world exhibition serves as the central motif which is the logo is shown as a relief. On the edge of the obverse, in a circular legend, at the top, the title of the international event, ‘EGY A TERMÉSZETTEL VADÁSZATI ÉS TERMÉSZETI VILÁGKIÁLLÍTÁS’ is seen and at the bottom, between two leaf motifs, the inscription ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’ (Hungary) and the mint year ‘2021’ are found and with coin designer, László Szlávics Jr.’s master mark inside the right leaf motif.
Back: On the reverse, in a centre field surrounded by a circular line, the representation of the trophy of a red deer stag shot in Karapancsa, in the Gemenc forest in 1986, which was a world record with the illustration of a leaf lending one of the design elements of the World Exhibition. Between the two ends of the antlers on the trophy representation, in three horizontal lines, the denominations ‘15,000’ and ‘2,000’, the lettering ‘FORINT’ and the mint mark ‘BP.’ are seen. To the right of the trophy the inscription ‘KARAPANCSAI BIKA’ (The stud from Karapancsa) is placed. On the edge of the reverse, in a circular legend, the names of the places hosting the World Exhibition ‘BUDAPEST’, ‘HATVAN’, ‘KESZTHELY’ and ‘VÁSÁROSNAMÉNY’ are featured in alphabetical order each separated by a leaf motif and and six leafy branch motifs at the bottom.