Király kis Miklós (King Little Nicholas) – Hungarian folk tales cartoon series II. Base metal collector coin 2022

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2 000
date of issue:
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34 mm
16 g
Vékony Fanni
SKU: KC032022-14

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Szállítás: 4-5 munkanap
Termék kód: KC032022-14

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With the non-ferrous commemorative coin entitled “Az égig érő fa” (The Giant Tree), in 2021 the Magyar Nemzeti Bank launched a new series of coins dedicated to presenting Hungarian folk tales, based on an animated series. There were two reasons for launching this series: first, the Hungarikum Committee added the animated series “Hungarian Folk Tales” to the list of Hungarikums, and second, the Kecskemét Animation Studio, which created the series, celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation on 23 June 2021. For its presentation of these treasures, the series has been registered as a Hungarikum, with the following explanation: “The distinctive visual and musical world embodied in Hungarian folktales and the accompanying narrative make this animated series a unique work. The kindness, humour, cunning and gaiety of the folktales faithfully reflect the spirit, emotions and true character of the Hungarians. In addition to the above, the truths and fundamental values presented in the episodes of the animated series ‘Hungarian Folk Tales’, which has earned great recognition within Hungary and abroad, make the series worthy of inclusion in the Collection of Hungarikums.

Front: The front recalls the iconic title screen of the animated series, featuring its folk-style floral motifs and a dove on the left, along with the distinctive cursive script used by the coin’s designer for the mandatory elements (the legend “MAGYARORSZÁG” (Hungary) and “2000 forint” in two horizontal lines, and the issue date “2022” and mint mark “BP.” also in two horizontal lines). The front of the coin is completed by the sun and moon and 9 stars at the top, as these play a key role in the story told in this folk tale.
Back: The back of the coin presents some of the main characters from the tale, with the 3-headed, fire-breathing dragon rising above the profile of Prince Nicholas. The legend “Király kis Miklós” (King Little Nicholas) is found on the right, below the dragon in two lines, in script similar to the main title. The mark of designer Fanni Vékony is located to the right of the prince at the bottom.