The Gold Forint of Albert Habsburg, non-ferrous version 2018

Great for collectors and fans of Medieval coins and history!

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Király Fanni
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Fifth coin in the Medieval Gold Florin series, Non-ferrous version of The Gold Forint of Albert Habsburg
The fifth coin of the collector series Gold Florins of Medieval Hungary was the commemorative coin of the gold forint of Albert Habsburg. Albert V, Archduke of Austria and son-in-law of Sigismund of Luxembourg (reign: 1387-1437) was elected King of Hungary on 18 December 1437 and was the first Habsburg to place the Holy Crown of Hungary on his head. Albert (reign: 1437-1439) was king for hardly more than one and a half years. A commemorative coin that’s great for any collection! A memorable, valuable gift for any fan of history!

Front: The central device on the front of the commemorative coin is inspired by the coat of arms found on the second type of gold forint minted under Albert as Hungarian king from 1439, with the period’s mint and master marks on the sides. The central element of the Medieval coin is a shield parted quarterly with the Hungarian stripes, the Czech lion, the Moravian eagle and the Austrian band, referring to Albert’s arms as sovereign. The coat of arms is surrounded by a selection of the mint and mint master marks found on the gold coins of that era, which refer to the following cities and persons (in clockwise order): P: Konrád Polner, Chamberlain at Körmöcbánya; S: unknown person or mint; lamb: János Lemmel, Chamberlain at Szeben; PR ligature: Miklós Pfeffersach, Chamberlain at Szeben; and R with a cross on top: Konrád Rudel, Chamberlain at Körmöcbánya. The mandatory elements are found on the front: the upper legend is “MAGYARORSZÁG”, the bottom legend is the denomination “2000 FORINT”; the mint mark “BP.” is on the left and the date “2018” on the right, both on the horizontal axis.
Back:The exterior ring pattern is also found on the back of the commemorative coin, with the legend “ALBERT 1437–1439 ARANYFORINTJA” separated by a rhombus motif on the left and by the master mark of Fanni Király on the right of the coin. The main motif on the reverse is an exact copy of the reverse side of the first type of gold florin minted by King Albert: Standing figure of King Ladislaus, halberd in right hand, orb in left, with a letter H-lamb combination of mint and mint master marks on both sides, of which the first denotes the mint location Szeben (Hermannstadt in German, present-day Sibiu), while the lamb is the emblem of the responsible chamberlain, János Lemmel.
Keywords:Middle Ages, history, kings, gold florin, gold forint, non-ferrous, series, 2018

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