Nostalgia series – Masterpieces of silver 1892 – Korona

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Reproductions of the 1892 korona coins made of pure silver, minted using the original tools. Nostalgia coin series!

Front: The coins were made with the original 1892 minting tools. They deviate from the original coins in terms of their purity, and the coins also have the metal and purity mark of the Hungarian Mint Ltd., certifying that they are reproductions. To make them more accurate reproductions, the 10- and 20-korona copies are gold-plated.
Back:The series includes the 1-, 2-, 10- and 20-fillér coins and the 1-, 10- and 20-korona coins, and are identical to the original coins in terms of diameter and design, minted of pure silver.
Keywords:Money, history of money, numismatics, history, silver,Circulation coins, nostalgia, korona

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