Millennium (1896) Masterpieces in a box

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Reproductions of the Hungarian historical coins minted by Austrian Emperor and Hungarian King Franz Josef (1830-1916) to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of the Hungarian Conquest, made of pure silver, with the mint mark BP. The reproductions were minted using the original 1896 tools.

Front: The set contains: the denár of St. Stephen I, the denár of King Imre, the denár of Andrew II, the gold forint of Charles I (gold-plated pure silver), the thaler of Ferdinand I, the bracteata of Béla III, the denár of Matthias I, the garas of Charles I and the St. George thaler. The series can only be purchased together with the presentation box! The presentation box contains 9 coins and a certificate of origin. The coins are individually wrapped in capsules. The certificate of origin states that the coins have been marked as reproductions.
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