120 Years of Hungarian Film coin set, PP 2021

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The first Hungarian film containing staged scenes, entitled A táncz (The Dance), was shown on 30 April 1901. In the 120 years since then Hungarian film has become world famous, thanks a long line of outstandingly talented individuals, who shaped the industry both at the domestic and international Level. Under the aegis of the National Film Institute Hungary, 2021 has been designated the 120th Jubilee Year of Hungarian film. In celebration of this occasion, as part of a special cooperation, the Hungarian Mint Ltd and the National Film Institute Hungary have created this commemorative coin to honour Hungarian cinematic art.

Front:The packaging also include silver-plated medal. The two sides of the silver-plated medal bear motifs recalling two iconic productions, A táncz, and one of Hungary’s classics, Körhinta (Merry-Go-Round). “”A táncz””-(The Dance) was produced by Béla Zsitkovszky to illustrate Gyula Pekár’s instructional lectures at the Uránia Scientific Theatre. This motion picture, which has unfortunately been lost, presented dances performed by some of the great performers of the time, such as Lujza Blaha, Sári Fedák, Gyula Hegedűs, Irén Varsányi and Ákos Ráthonyi.
Back:The back of the medal features motifs a hungarian movie “Körhinta”. Filmed in 1955 by Zoltán Fábri, Merry-Go-Round is one of great works of Hungarian cinema and was the first modern Hungarian production to be a major success on the international stage. Mari Törőcsik and Imre Soós played the main roles in this romantic story. Many of the film’s scenes have become legendary, such as the young couple’s csárdás dance.The coin series includes the entire set of denominations of the 2021 circulation coins.