Somló wine region coin set Proof 2022

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“Hungary’s traditional wine districts, with the proof circulation coins celebrating the Somló Wine Region. The packaging also included a 29.2-mm, non-ferrous coin. One side of the coin shows grapes, while the other side depicts a Somló Wine Region landscape view.
Somló Wine Region
The Somló wine region is located at the edge of the Small Hungarian Plain, near the Bakony mountains. As early as Roman times, this area was inhabited and was a famous wine growing area. It is one of Hungary’s smallest historical wine regions, with about 600 hectares currently under cultivation. The Somló mountain is an isolated volcanic dome rising up from the surrounding plain, far to the north of Lake Balaton. It is also unique in that the mountain is completely surrounded by vineyards. Thanks to the favourable microclimate, the grapes ripen perfectly and often begin to desiccate, and thus even hundreds of years ago aszú wines were produced here. There are many legends about the famous Somló wines. Rural
doctors often used them to treat different maladies, and lore has it that drinking Somló wine makes the conception of male children more likely. The region is known for its white wines, typically furmint, juhfark, hárslevelű and olaszrizling. Wines from this region are characterised by ‘minerality’ due to the volcanic terroir and often have slightly higher-than-average alcohol content.”