Budapest – Matthias Church silver medal

Special gift for anyone who loves the beauty of Budapest!

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This series presents the enchanting buildings, spaces and scenery of the Hungarian capital. The church originally bore the name Church of Our Lady and later it got its new name when King Matthias held his wedding there. After destruction by the Mongols, the church was rebuilt in Gothic style. It was later transformed by King Louis the Great. The main tower was built under the reign of King Matthias. The Turks converted it into a mosque, which was later reconstructed by the Jesuits in the Baroque style following the liberation of Budapest. The church was damaged by fire and lightning in the 1700s. King Franz Josef and his wife Queen Elisabeth were crowned here in 1867. In 1873 the King ordered the church to be restored to its original condition. Reconstruction took place from 1874 to 1896 under the direction of Frigyes Schulek, and following demolition of some parts of the adjacent buildings the church was returned to its original free-standing form. The interior paintings, wall frescos and stained glass windows were also created based on Schulek’s plans. During the siege of Buda in WWII, the building was damaged so severely that it was only possible to restore the church to its original splendor in 2013.

Front: The legend on the front is “MÁTYÁS TEMPOLM”, with an image of the Matthias Church, the Trinity Statue and the master mark of the designer.
Back:The back of the medal features a panorama of the Danube banks in Budapest, with the legend “BUDAPEST”. The panorama of the Danube banks in Budapest covers an area of sixty hectares and has been protected as a World Heritage site since 1987. The banks of the Danube from Margaret Island to the Szabadság Bridge are part of this heritage, including the architectural ensemble of the Buda Castle District, the Gellért Hill, the Szabadság statue, the Citadel and the Gellért baths on the Buda side, and the Parliament building, the headquarters of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Gresham Palace, the Vigadó theatre and the Belvárosi parish church on the Pest side. The mint mark BP. and the purity (.999) are found on the back of the medal.
Keywords:Budapest, building, architecture, World Heritage, city, medal, pure silver, silver, series

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