750 years old Gyôr base metal collector coin 2021

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29,5 mm
9,4 g
Lebó Ferenc
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Győr is one of Hungary’s oldest cities, the centre of the Little Hungarian Plain and the county seat of Győr-Moson-Sopron County. Thanks to its favourable location, extensive road network and the navigable Mosoni-Duna River, Győr is known as the gateway of the West and already played an important role in the Little Hungarian Plain and the country in the earliest days of the Hungarian state. It was no coincidence that King St. Stephen made Győr a secular and ecclesiastic centre, helping to define the city’s future course of development. Situated along the main route between Buda and Vienna, the town was already famous for trade in the Middle Ages and played an important role in the country’s political life. Along with the city’s national significance, the heroic courage of its people in resisting the country’s enemies was another reason that King Stephen V made Győr a royal city in 1271. With this, the city was granted the free election of judges, freedom from customs, the right to hold markets and staple rights. Laymen were also accorded these rights, but they remained under the control of the nobility. During the Árpád period, the title of royal city afforded the greatest rights a settlement could obtain. Győr and its castle are remembered in history as great bastions defending Christianity in Hungary and Europe.

Front:The front of the coin bears Győr’s logo, recalling the city’s historic past. The rooster motif is an emblem of the city, alluding to the legend of the rooster wind vane. For many it is symbolic of freedom, victory, courage and cleverness, as the city was liberated from Turkish occupation by Christian forces in 1598 after the
“crowing” of the copper rooster.
Back:The back of the coin features the jubilee logo celebrating the 750th anniversary of Győr’s elevation to city rank. The circular legend reads ‘V. ISTVÁN 750 ÉVE ADOMÁNYOZOTT KIRÁLYI VÁROSI JOGOKAT GYŐRNEK’ (Stephen V granted Győr royal city rights 750 years ago).