2013 Coin set Bethlen Gábor BU

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This series of coins commemorates Gábor Bethlen, Prince of Transylvania, on the 400th anniversary of his election. The coin series includes the entire set of denominations of the 2013 circulation coins, in BU quality. The entire set of denominations with the date 2013 is only available from the 2013 circulation series, because the Hungarian Mint only produced the large denominations (100- and 200-forint coins) for the circulation series in 2013. The reproduction is an accurate copy of Bethlen’s gold ducat. Weight: 4 grams, diameter: 22.1 mm, which roughly corresponds to the original coin. The reproduction coin is made of 999 millesimal silver, with gold plating. Aside from the material used, the only difference between the reproduction coin and the original is the metal mark and mint mark. 

Keywords:Circulation coins, Principality, Hungarian history, 2013