“10th anniversary of the entry into force of the Fundamental Law silver collector coin – Proof 2021”

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10 000
date of issue:
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37 mm
24 g
Pelcz Balázs
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“Hungary’s legislature, acting as the constituent assembly with a two-thirds majority, established the country’s Fundamental Law in 2010. The Fundamental Law plays the role of a traditional constitution in terms of establishing the framework for the state and society, while also addressing the challenges of the modern age. It forms the basis of Hungary’s legal system and is the first written constitution in Hungarian history that was adopted by a democratically-elected legislature.”

Front: “In the outlined central field, the front of the coin features a bird’s eye
view of the plenary chamber of the Parliament, based on the photograph entitled “Constitutional Reform” by Tamás Wachsler. The master mark of the coin’s designer, sculptor Balázs Pelcz, is integrated into this central
motif. The other mandatory coin elements are also found on the front: the legend “MAGYARORSZÁG”, the denominations “10000” forints, the mint date “2021” and the mint mark “BP.””
Back: “In the outlined central field on the back, one sees the Holy Crown of Hungary and the Hungarian flag, with heraldic cross-hatching for the colours of the national flag. Around the edge of the back runs a circular legend with a quote from the National Avowal “SZÖVETSÉG A MÚLT, A JELEN ÉS A JÖVŐ MAGYARJAI KÖZÖTT” (covenant between Hungarians of the past, the present and the future) and “AZ ALAPTÖRVÉNY TIZEDIK ÉVFORDULÓJÁRA” (10th anniversary of the Fundamental Law) at the bottom, separated by ornamental dots.”