The medals and coins, including circulation coins and commemorative coins, bear the date of minting. Their value is determined by their artistic design, the value of the precious metals they contain, the limited series in the case of commemorative coins, and by the nominal face value in the case of circulation coins. However, in addition to their material worth, they also have historical and numismatic value.


The commemorative coins and medals produced by the Hungarian Mint Ltd. are the most authentic representatives of Hungarian historical and cultural values, valuable collector’s items and an excellent long-term investment.

The following guarantees this:

  • the Magyar Nemzeti Bank has the exclusive right to issue commemorative coins, which are sold by the Hungarian Mint Ltd. as authorised by the MNB;
  • in legal terms, the MNB Decree published in the Official Hungarian Gazette attests and certifies the issuance of the commemorative coins, the redemption obligation at face value, the limited production number and compliance with the technical parameters;
  • the certificate (certificate of origin) bearing the emblem of the MNB also confirms the technical parameters of commemorative coins made of precious metals and the precious metal content;
  • redemption of commemorative coins at face value for other legal tender is guaranteed by the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, and redemption is performed at the coin shop of the Hungarian Mint Ltd., again under authorisation by the central bank;
  • most of the gold commemorative coins have 986 millesimal fineness (corresponds to approximately 23 carat), equal to the precious metal content of gold ducats;
  • the silver commemorative coins are typically of sterling quality, 925 millesimal fineness silver;
  • all of the commemorative coins and the majority of the coins produced by the Hungarian Mint Ltd. are designed by renowned sculptors and coin designers;
  • the precious metal coins of the Hungarian Mint are made of pure gold (Au .999) or pure silver (Ag .999) and the precious metal content is verified by the certificate of origin.