New virtual queuing on website

Please note that, in order to effectively serve our customers, purchase is only possible by way of virtual queuing in some cases for new releases and new issues.

The virtual queuing system opens 30 minutes prior to the start of sales of the new product (30-minutes lead-in period). The time when sales start is announced on the homepage “” and in the menu “News”, on the Mint’s Facebook page and in the newsletter.

Upon the start of sales, the system randomly orders the customers who have logged in during the 30-minute lead-in period and begins directing them to the purchase page. Random ordering occurs automatically and cannot be influenced.

While the system is active, all users who log into the website are queued in the online waiting area: after 30 minutes users who logged in during the 30-minute lead-in period are queued in random order, while users who log in later are assigned to the end of the current queue.

Upon logging into the website, users are put in an “online waiting room”. This waiting room appears on the user’s screen and the system indicates their place in the queue and the approximate waiting time before the system allows the user onto and the purchase process can begin. The approximate waiting time is an estimate by the system which may differ from the actual waiting time; the queue may also change (for example, if someone leaves the queue or finishes the purchase more quickly, etc.). We recommend continuously monitoring the current status for the entire waiting time.

After being admitted to the website, 15 minutes are available to finalise the purchase. If the purchase transaction is not completed within this period of time, the system automatically terminates the connection.

If the user refreshes the browser while in the waiting room, it cannot be guaranteed that the user will retain the same spot in the queue. Consequently, we do not recommend refreshing the browser during the waiting period.

If the internet connection is interrupted or other technical problems occur on the user-side, it is possible that the user will be relegated to the end of the queue. There is no way to remedy this and complaints in this regard are not accepted.