The Golden Bull of Andrew II

To honour the 800th anniversary of the issuance of the Golden Bull, the Magyar Nemzeti

Bank is presenting a small 10,000-forint gold coin along with a 5,000-forint nonferrous

version, entitled “The Golden Bull of Andrew II” on 20th May, designed by Zoltán Endrődy.

The non-ferrous collector coin has been fully reserved by pre-ordering customers. Any pieces left over after the 1-month holding period for delivery will be available for purchase in our coin shop and online. The gold collector coin is available at the webshop and the coin shop.

The images on the 67-mm non-ferrous version and the 11-mm mini gold coin are different. The two coins are independent of each other, but the mini gold coin fits into the non-ferrous version.

We’d like to provide some information on how the coins fit together.

Remove the mini gold coin from the capsule with textile gloves or tweezers and place it gently, without exerting any pressure, in the depression on the non-ferrous version, where the seal is located. If you decide that you want to store the two coins together in one capsule, do not repeat this process many times, as the gold coin is soft and its surface is fragile. We cannot assume responsibility for damage to the coin caused by moving it numerous times!

We hope that you will enjoy this commemorative coin, which will have a special place in your collection!

  • The Golden Bull of Andrew II. – gold collector coin 2022

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