Szent Stephen’ s Hall collector coin 2022 (Proof like) – “National Hauszmann Programme ” – 1.

3 000
Proof like
date of issue:
Nordic gold
issue limit:
37,18 mm
20 g
Endrődy Zoltán
SKU: KC032022-10


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Szállítás: 4-5 munkanap
Termék kód: KC032022-10

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As part of the National Hauszmann Programme, St Stephen’s Hall, the jewel in the crown of the Buda Castle, has been rebuilt. The ornate historic room represented the pinnacle of Hungarian applied arts at the turn of the century. Vilmos Zsolnay’s initiative was embraced by the architect responsible for the extension of the Royal Palace, Alajos Hauszmann, who eventually created three historic rooms in honour of the great Hungarian monarchs. St Stephen’s Hall built in the Neo-Romanesque and Hungarian Art Nouveau styles commemorates the Árpád House, and was designed by some of the most renowned artists and craftsmen of the time. The hall, with its specially crafted inlaid parquet and wood panelled walls, unique curtains and furnitures and magnificent Zsolnay ceramics, can be considered as a work of art in its own right. The hall received international recognition at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900.

Front: The front of the “St Stephen’s Hall” collector coin, which launches the series, shows a pattern of the tapestry of the reborn hall spread out in a circle with the apostolic double cross in the centre and other decorative elementsof the tapestry around it. Furthermore, the
front features the mandatoryelementsof a legal tender coin: a decorative motif interrupted by the “MAGYARORSZÁG” [Hungary] inscription in a semi-circular script at the top, the “3000 FORINT” value mark at the bottom, the mint year “2022” on the left, and the “BP.” mintmark on the right.
Back: The back of the coin shows a piece of the Zsolnay fireplace, the central feature of Saint Stephen’s Hall with Saint Stephen’s bust in the middle. The motif on the edges is depicted with lines resembling those from a blueprint, which are replaced by increasingly high plasticity toward the centre, reflecting the process of executing the plans. Below the central motif is the inscription “SZENT ISTVÁN-TEREM” (St Stephen’s Hall). The master mark of Zoltán Endrődy, the applied artist who designed the coin, is hidden in the design to the bottom right.