National Riding Hall base metal collector coin 2023 (Proof like) – National Hauszmann Program II.

A wonderful gift for those who love history and architecture! Great for collectors as well!

3 000
Proof like
date of issue:
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37,18 mm
20 g
Endrődy Zoltán
SKU: KC032023-11

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Szállítás: 4-5 munkanap
Termék kód: KC032023-11

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The National Hauszmann Programme was launched in 2019 with the goal of presenting the palace complex – an outstanding example of Hungary’s intellectual and cultural heritage – in Buda’s Castle District in its for from the turn of the 19th-20th century, as conceived by architect Alajos Hauszmann. As part of this Programme, the nearly 1,500-square metre National Riding Hall was reconstructed, which opened as a multi-functional even venue in 2021. The National Riding Hall was originally built between 1899 and 1901, on the basis of Hauszmann’s plans, in Neo-Baroque style, but with Art Nouveau elements. Emphasising the Hungarian nature of the building, a 4-metre tall statue ensemble entitled “Lovát fékezo˝ csikós” by György Vastagh Jr. was erected in front of it in 1901. Until 1938 the National Riding Hall was used by the royal court, and subsequently it was home to the Spanish riding school of the Royal Guard. Equestrian games and shows accompanied by orchestral music were held there. The building was damaged during World War II and later demolished after the Communist takeover. The reconstructed National Riding Hall follows the original geometry, but its design was also influenced by current regulations and the new functions. After its renovation, the statue which gave the Horseman’s Square its name was returned to its original location, in front of the building’s main entrance.

Front: The front of the “National Riding Hall” coin shows the facade of Building D of the Royal Palace at the turn of the 19th-20th century. Recalling the tapestry pattern of the Saint Stephen Hall, the ornamental, arched band above it forms a link to the first piece in this series, connecting the subsequent pieces as well as a linking motif. The compulsory design elements: the inscription ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’, the value numerals ‘3000’, the mint mark ‘BP’ and the mint year ‘2023’ are also on the obverse.
Back: The back of the coin presents the facade of the National Riding Hall, which was reconstructed as part of the National Hauszmann Programme, with the equestrian statue “Lovát fékező˝ csikós” by György Vastagh Jr. before it. Around the edges of building’s image, blueprint-like lines are used, which become more and more realistic towards the centre, alluding to the process of plans being realised. The legend “LOVARDA” (National Riding Hall) is found below. The master mark of designer Zoltán Endrődy is located in the image, on the right.