Millennium 2000-forint banknote, 2000

A banknote from the year 2000!

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Marking the 1000th anniversary of the foundation of the Hungarian state, the Parliament of the Republic of Hungary passed Act I of 2000 on Commemoration of the Foundation of the State by St. Stephen and the Holy Crown. The Millennium Year lasted from 1 January 2000 until 20 August 2001. As part of the millennium celebrations, the early Christian necropolis of Pécs was declared a part of world heritage, reconstruction of the Esztergom Castle started and both the Mária Valéria bridge between Esztergom and Štúrovo, and the National Theatre were completed.

Front: The front of the banknote shows the Holy Crown, the symbol of Hungarian statehood.
Back:Part of the painting The Christening of Vajk by Gyula Benczúr is shown on the back of the banknote.
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