Kecskemét, Bács-Kiskun County – Hungarian counties and county seats collector series – 1. silver collector coin (Proof) 2022

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15 000
date of issue:
issue limit:
42 mm
40 g
Vékony Fanni és Kereszthury Gábor
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Kecskemét is the centre of Bács-Kiskun County, Hungary’s largest, most ethnically diverse county. The city ranks 8th in Hungary in terms of its population and 7th in terms of its administrative area. Around 22% of the population of Bács-Kiskun County live in Kecskemét. For centuries, Kecskemét was the most important town of the Danube-Tisza interfl uve, functioning as this region’s economic, ecclesiastic and academic centre. A document from 1368 mentions it as a market town. Of course, the location was inhabited long before this, with archaeological fi nds from various periods, including artefacts from the time of the Hungarian Conquest. From the 1870s, Kecskemét was an administrative centre, vested with substantial local powers. Along with the favourable natural conditions, the city’s development was also influenced by outstanding figures and important mayors. This period was marked by the acquisition of large estates, widespread planting of vineyards and fruit orchards, the development of farmsteads, the construction of railway lines, famous markets and strong exports. At the turn of the century, Kecskemét was known for its apricots and Art Nouveau architecture. Factories and industrial operations also began to develop alongside the city’s agricultural activities. In 1950, Kecskemét became the seat of Hungary’s largest county, Bács-Kiskun. It remains today the academic, cultural, administrative and industrial centre of this region and has also become a vehicle industrial centre of national significance since 2012.

Front:The front of the coin represents Kecskemét, while the back represents the county. The front depicts the imposing City Hall, as seen from Kossuth Square, with a bit of the area in front of the building. The designer mark of artist Gábor Kereszthury, who created the front of the coin, is located in front of the building to the right. The compulsory design elements: the inscription ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’, the value numerals ‘15000, the mint mark ‘BP’ and the mint year ‘2022’ are also on the obverse.
Back:The back of the coin bears portraits of the county’s famous sons (Sándor Petőfi , Zoltán Kodály, József Katona and Ferenc Móra), each in a small circle. The signatures of these famous men are by their portraits. The portraits are connected by the outline of Bács-Kiskun County, with a dot representing the location of Kecskemét. The back was designed by artist Fanni Vékony, whose mark is found on the right by the image of Ferenc Móra.
The coin’s third side, the edge, bears the legend “MAGYARORSZÁG MEGYÉI, MEGYESZÉKHELYEI”, repeated twice and divided by dashes in the fine reeding. In the future, the coins in this series will bear the names in accordance with the new administrative titles in effect from 1 January 2023.