Imre Kertész non-ferrous collector coin, BU – 2022

The seventh coin released in the series presenting Hungarian Nobel Prize winners! Oval-shaped! It can be the perfect gift for any literary fan!

2 000
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30x25 mm
10,3 g
Holló István
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Termék kód: KC032022-17

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Imre Kertész was born in Budapest on 9 November 1929. He was deported to
concentration camp in the summer of 1944. After being held in Buchenwald
and Auschwitz, he was liberated at the age of 16.
Under the Communist dictatorship, he avoided literary life and made his living
writing musical comedies and translations. Starting in 1960, he spent 13 years
writing his first novel, Fateless, which reflects on the nature of dictatorships.
The novel was only published in 1975 and went almost completely unnoticed
until the political transition. Starting in the 1990s, his works received greater
domestic and international attention. On 10 October 2002, he became the first Hungarian writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. According to the press release of the Swedish Academy, “The refusal to compromise in Kertész’s stance can be perceived clearly in his style, which is reminiscent of a thickset hawthorn hedge, dense and thorny for unsuspecting visitors. But he relieves his readers of the burden of compulsory emotions and inspires a singular freedom of thought.” The novel was his life’s work, but his essays and literary diary are also of outstanding significance, and his books have been translated into dozens of languages. His work was awarded innumerable international prizes, and he also received the most important awards in Hungary as well, including the Kossuth Award and the Hungarian Order of St. Stephen.
He died on 31 March 2016 in Budapest, following a long illness.

Front: The central motif on the obverse is an abstract, linear depiction of the allegory of soaring freedom which is the definition of Kertész’s literary work. On the obverse, the compulsory design elements of collector coins are found: the denominations ‘2000’ the lettering ‘FORINT’, on the bottom left, following the bend of the edge, the inscription ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’ (Hungary) and in two lines the mint year ‘2022’ and the mint mark ‘BP.’.
Back: The reverse shows a half-length portrait of the Nobel Prize-winning writer and translator with his emblematic hat and scarf, complemented by the signature of Imre Kertész and the inscription ‘NOBEL PRIZE ● 2002’ in two lines to the left of the portrait. On the bottom right of the portrait the master mark of applied artist István Holló is seen, who designed the coin