Hungarian agár base metal collector coin, proof like 2021

For those who love nature and animals!

2 000
date of issue:
issue limit:
15 000
34 mm
16 g
Imrei Boglárka
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Hungarian herding and hunting breeds – collector coin series III. The origins of the Hungarian agár breed can be traced back to the 3rd millennium BC. It was brought to the Carpathian Basin with the Hungarians tribes, which used these sighthounds for hunting. The fi rst records of the Hungarian agár date to the period of King Saint Stephen, when hunting with this breed was very popular, as it was later also under the reign of King Matthias Corvinus. King Matthias spent much time with his hounds, generally hunting on horseback. After the King’s death, hunting with agárs went into decline with the country divided into three parts. Later, Count István Széchenyi once again popularised hunting with agárs, and the agár became a representative Hungarian breed. Back then agár racing became an exclusive social event, and associations formed which specialised in the breed and hunting with it. After the Second World War, the breed almost completely disappeared. In 1963, attempts to find Hungarian agárs were made for the production of a film on King Matthias. The breed was extremely rare at that time. Hunter and nature cinematographer Kálmán Szigethy found a few of the remaining hounds, and thanks to his work the breed once again spread in Hungary and Europe. In 2004, all of the Hungarian breeds, including the Hungarian agár, were declared a national treasure by the National Assembly, and in 2017 the breed was raised to the status of a Hungarikum.

Front: The central motif on the front is a half-profile image of a Hungarian agár looking left. The silhouette of the head and body clearly presents the characteristics of the breed. The compulsory design elements: the inscription ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’, the value numerals ‘2000’, the mint mark ‘BP’ and the mint year ‘2021’ are also on the obverse.
Back: The back of the coin shows a Hungarian agár hunting on a grassy plain, with a mounted hunter in the background.