Budapest – Vajdahunyad Castle silver medal

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This series presents the enchanting buildings, spaces and scenery of the Hungarian capital. Built according to the plans of Ignác Alpár in 1908 in Budapest’s City Park, the Castle is a copy of a Gothic castle located in Transylvania. It was erected as part of the Millennium celebrations in 1896 to showcase the 1000-year history of Hungarian architecture in a single building. Thus, the building features Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles. The original was constructed of wood as a temporary building for the Millennium National Exhibition, but it became so popular that it was rebuilt from stone and brick in 1908. It currently houses the Museum of Agriculture. Considered one of the best example of historical romanticism in Hungary, it was declared a protected national monument in 1991.

Front: The front of the medal has the legend “VAJDAHUNYAD VÁRA” and depicts the Castle with its statue of Anonymous in the courtyard, along with the master mark of the designer.
Back:The back of the medal features a panorama of the Danube banks in Budapest. The panorama of the Danube banks in Budapest covers an area of sixty hectares and has been protected as a World Heritage site since 1987. The banks of the Danube from Margaret Island to the Szabadság Bridge are part of this heritage, including the architectural ensemble of the Buda Castle District, the Gellért Hill, the Szabadság statue, the Citadel and the Gellért baths on the Buda side, and the Parliament building, the headquarters of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Gresham Palace, the Vigadó theatre and the Belvárosi parish church on the Pest side. The mint mark BP. and the purity (.999) are found on the back of the medal.
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