Architectural medal – The Esterházy Castle Fertőd

Great for lovers of architecture! Hungary’s finest buildings on medals.

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The “Hungarian Versailles” is characterised by music and pomp. Fertőd, formerly known as Esterháza, is the economic and cultural centre of this micro-region, where Joseph Haydn was active for two decades in the service of the Esterházy family. he Baroque Esterházy manor of Fertőd is the third most significant building complex in Hungary, and a World Heritage Site. It was built by Miklós Esterházy (the Magnificent) between 1763 and 1766. The heyday of the manor can be dated to 1768-90, when there were regular balls, theatrical performances, concerts and hunts, at which the high ranking aristocratic families of the age were guests. With the death of Miklós the Magnificent the manor lost its prominent role, the deterioration of its condition being consummated by the Second World War. Large-scale renovation work was begun in the September of 2009 with the financial support of the European Union.
The manor is located in the centre of Fertőd alongside the cycle path running round Lake Fertő. The reconstructed main building and the beautifully renovated manor park offer a number of notable sights. Points of interest around the residence include the famous wrought iron gates, the courtyard with the fountain, the apartments resplendent in their original finery, the chapel, Marionette Theatre, and the Music House, Haydn’s former home.

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