Ányos Jedlik, non-ferrous collector coin PP 2011

A great idea for technology lovers!
A quadrangular commemorative coin!

1 000 Ft
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28,43 mm x 28,43 mm mm
14 g
Bitó Balázs
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Termék kód: KC032011-02

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Ányos Jedlik (1800-1895) was a Hungarian natural scientist, inventor, educator and Benedictine monk. His name was István Jedlik, and he took on the name Ányos in the Benedictine Order. Amongst other things, his name is associated with the construction of the first electric motor, and discovery of voltage amplification and the first description of the principle of dynamo self-excitation. This commemorative coin is a part of the series of coins presenting Hungarian engineers, inventors, and their technical novelties and inventions.

Front: A front view of a Jedlik dynamo is shown in the centre field of the front of the coin. Beneath the device, in a frame reminiscent of a display case, there is the legend “AZ EGYSARKI VILLAMINDÍTÓ” and below the frame in two lines with right justification the legend “MAGYAR” and “KÖZTÁRSASÁG”. Above the device, there is a horizontal legend with the denomination “1000” in large lettering and “FORINT”. Beneath the denomination, to the left one finds the mint mark “BP.” and to the right the date “2011”.
Back:In the centre field on the back, offset by a line, is a portrait of Ányos Jedlik. To the right of the portrait, in the centre field one finds a simplified version of Saint Benedict’s cross, with the initials C, S, P and B standing for “Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti” (The Sacred Cross of Father Benedict). Along the rim of the coin, parallel with the left rim is the legend “A DINAMÓ-ELV LEÍRÓJA”, above the portrait “JEDLIK ÁNYOS”, and parallel with the right rim “1861”, with the dates “1800-1895” beneath the portrait. In the right lower corner is the master mark of the designer Balázs Bitó.
Keywords:Inventors, inventions, technology, non-ferrous, 2011, series

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