30th Anniversary of the Constitutional Court brass collector coin 2020

Great for collectors and history fans!

2 000
date of issue:
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38,61 mm
30,80 g
Bitó Balázs
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Termék kód: KC032020-03

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“The Constitutional Court commenced its operation on 1 January 1990. This institution, one of the most important of the democratic transition and revolution for the rule
of law, has been safeguarding the rule of law and fundamental rights for 30 years. The Constitutional Court is the supreme body charged with the protection of Hungary’s Fundamental Law. It guarantees the democratic rule of law, the constitutional order and the rights enshrined in the Fundamental Law, ensuring the internal harmony of the legal system and the principle of the separation of powers”

Front:The centre motif on the front of the commemorative coin honouring the Constitutional Court features the chain worn by the Court’s judges with the medal forming the seal of the Golden Bull. To the left of the seal is the designer mark of the coin’s designer Balázs Bitó. The front also has the mandatory elements: the legend “MAGYARORSZÁG”, the denomination 2000 FORINT, the mint mark “BP.” with security features in micro-script and the date of issue “2020”.
Back: On the back, the right field depicts a genuine copy of the Golden Bull from 1318.
The original document issued in 1222 by Hungarian King Andrew II represents
a milestone in Hungarian legal history and symbolises Hungary’s historical constitution. To the left of this, in two lines oriented horizontally to the text, the legend “alkotmánybíróság” (Constitutional Court) and “az alaptörvény legfőbb őre” (Supreme Guardian of the Fundamental Law) appear next to the parchment-like surface. At the edge of the coin, in line with the letter T in “alkotmánybíróság” is the year 1990, indicating the date when the Constitutional Court began its operation. The coin’s circular legend in Latin reads “curia constitutionalis supremus protector constitutionis est •”, declaring the Constitutional Court’s most important mission: The Constitutional Court
is the supreme guardian of the constitution.