2022” The Chain Bridge” coin set BU

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Construction of the Chain Bridge, the first permanent link between Pest and Buda, was the brainchild of Count István Széchenyi. Financing for the project was organised by Baron György Sina, who also provided the largest donation for the bridge, which was designed in the Classicist style. Work began in 1839, and the bridge was opened on 20 November 1849. It was designed by the Englishman William Tierney Clark and constructed under the supervision of Scottish engineer Adam Clark. The bridge was designed with just two pillars to minimise problems with ice jams on the river. The stone lions at the abutments were carved by the sculptor János Marschalkó. Since 2009 the Chain Bridge has featured on the 200-ft coin, the largest denomination circulation coin in Hungary. The coin was designed by István Kósa.
The coin series includes the entire set of denominations of the 2021 circulation coins, in BU quality.