2021 Móric Benyovszky silver collector coin

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10 000
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38,61 mm
31,46 g
Kereszthury Gábor
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Count Maurice Benyovszky (20 September 1741 – 23 May 1786) was one of the most famous Hungarian world travellers, and the first European ruler of Madagascar. The key national anniversaries of 2021 include the 280th anniversary of the birth and the 235th anniversary of the death of the great Hungarian traveller and military officer of the 18th century. During his adventurous life, Benyovszky travelled across four continents, and appended his name to the history of many countries. The Poles celebrate him among their national heroes, but in Slovakia he is hailed as one of their own too. He is remembered by the French, and eight streets commemorate his name in Madagascar. During his travels, he visited France and the United States of America. He maintained a good relationship with Benjamin Franklin and had a connection with George Washington too.

Front:The front of the coin bears the symbol of this global event, a detail of the Mission Cross adapted to the coin, which was created by the sculptor Csaba Ozsvári. The front of the coin depicts a frigate on a stormy sea. In the background, a schematic compass used by the world traveller during his voyages can be seen.
Back:The back features a portrait of Count Maurice Benyovszky wearing his breastplate. In the background there is a map of Benyovszky’s travels, including Madagascar, showing the dates and routes of his journeys in a semi-circle.
The master mark of the designer, Gábor Kereszthury, is inscribed on the breastplate. The memory of Maurice Benyovszky is preserved by the Benyovszky Society and the Benyovszky National Committee.