2021. 75 years of Forint set – without numbering

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The mint-quality collector case filled with 5 forints is a special numismatic product.

Front: AThe thematic side of the 5-forint coins: All six design elements feature a section of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank’s building which display a representation of the building from an angle, when placed in the correct order. The letters in the word ‘FORINT’ are also part of the six coin designs. Their unique typeface evokes the ones used in 1946, marking the anniversary. On the thematic sides of the coins the letterings ‘75 ÉVES FORINT’ (75 years of the forint) and ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’, referring to the place of issuance as well as the year ‘2021’ indicating the time of issuance, are shown.
Back: The face value sides of the collector versions are identical with that of the 5-forint circulation coin.