2020. 2000 Ft banknote

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“The SPECIMEN version of the renewed HUF 20 000 banknote issued in 2020. IA serial, low numbered, bankfresh condition, overprinted with the letters “”MINTA”” (=specimen) in black. The description and size of this specimen is identital to that of the 20 000 forint banknotes in circulation. Size: 154 x 70 mm, multi-coloured. The general effect of the front is bluish-green, that of the back brown and bluish-green. The basic motifs remained unchanged: the portrait of Ferenc Deák on the front and the view of the temporary Chamber of Deputies on the back. Signatures by: Dr. Matolcsy György governor of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, Dr. Patai Mihály, Nagy Márton and Dr. Kandrács Csaba vice-governors”