2014 Coin set The ‘Denárs’ of St. István BU

Circulation series The ‘Denárs’ of St. István for history and money history enthusiasts!

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The dénár bearing the legend Lancea Regis minted under King St. Stephen in either Esztergom or Székesfehérvár is one of the finest examples of Medieval Hungarian minting. A hand holding a lance with a striped flag adorns St. Stephe’s silver dénár, with a stylised image of a church on the other side.  The coin series includes the entire set of denominations of the 2014 circulation coins. Next to the series of circulation coins, there is a patina finish copy made of plated copper, based on the first Hungarian money the silver “Lancea Regis” dénár minted by St. Stephen. The mint mark “”BP.” is also found on the copy. Diameter of the copy: 23mm, weight: 3.5g

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