200th Anniversray of Birth of János Arany gold collector coin 2017

Famous Hungarian literary writers on commemorative coins.
It can be the perfect gift for any literary fan!

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The gold collector coin will be issued as part of the ‘Smallest Gold Coin in the World’ collector programme. This coin attempt to demonstrate the artistic activity of János Arany in its entirety.

Front: The centre of the obverse features a motif alluding to the golden section. With its perfect proportions, the motif is intended to symbolise Arany’s mature, classic poetry. Starting from the centre, the titles of some of János Arany’s most important pieces of work are written in slightly wavy lines, symbolising a flying millstone. The lower inscription is a quote from Toldi, a breakthrough piece of work in János Arany’s literary career: ‘REPÜL A NEHÉZ KŐ: KI TUDJA, HOL ÁLL MEG?’ (THE HEAVY STONE FLIES. WHO KNOWS WHERE IT IS GOING TO LAND?). The obverse of the gold collector coin features the following design standard elements: the inscription ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’, the value numeral ‘5000 FORINT’, the mint mark ‘BP.’ and the mint year ‘2017’.
Back:The reverse of the mini gold collector coin features a representation of the young János Arany, made after the engraving by painter Miklós Barabás. The inscription in the semi-circular legend reads ‘ARANY JÁNOS’. the dates ‘1817’ and ‘1882’ refer to the dates of birth and death of János Arany.
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