200th Anniversary of the Birth of Artúr Görgei (1818–1916) and the 170th Anniversary of the 1848–184, 2018 nonferrous collector coin BU, 2018

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38,61 mm
30,80 g
Szilos András
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Artúr Görgei (1818-1916) was a general of the Hungarian army, minister of war and one of the most talented military leaders of the 1848-1849 War of Independence, who was the supreme commander of the Hungarian forces on several occasions during the War. Originally trained as a chemist, he also achieved great results in this field prior to 1848. After the surrender at Világos, there were differing opinions about Görgei and he was often blamed, but historical research has disproved the charge of treason.

Front: The front of the coin shows a battle scene from a victory during the 1848-1849 Revolution, based on the painting Görgey lovasrohamot vezényel a második komáromi csatában Herkálypusztánál by Mór Than. Above the scene is a semi-circular legend with the most important victories in the 1848-1849 Revolution “ISASZEG, BUDA, KOMÁROM, VÁC”, in the order of the battles. The exterior band on the front has the mandatory elements: the legend “MAGYARORSZÁG”, the denomination “2000” and “FORINT”, the mint mark “BP.” with special micro-script security elements, designed to prevent forgery of the coin, and the date “2018”.
Back: The exterior ring pattern is found on the back of the coin as well, slightly broken by a half-profile portrait of Artúr Görgei based on a daguerreotype. As a background to the portrait on a high-relief centre field, the names of the supporters of the “Declaration” signed by 207 army soldiers which appeared in the daily paper Nemzet on 23 November 1884 in support of Artúr Görgei are reproduced in microscript (not in full and in three different font sizes), in which his comrades took the side of Görgei as follows “we can state frankly and openly that the surrender at Világos was not treason in the face of such overwhelming forces, it did not stain the honour of our arms and was not a crime against the nation – it was the humane and honourable end to an otherwise hopeless, pointless and unjustifiable war and the needless slaughter of our fellow countrymen.” In the exterior ring to the left one finds the one-quarter legend “GÖRGEI ARTÚR” and the years of his birth and death, while the master mark of the designer András Szilos is located on the right side.