100th anniversary of Birth of János Pilinszky non-ferrous collector coin 2021 BU

Famous Hungarian literary writers on collector coins.

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38,61 mm
30,8 g
Pelcz Balázs
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János Pilinszky (27 November 1921 – 27 May 1981) was one of the greatest 20th-century Hungarian poets and a recipient of the Baumgarten, József Attila and Kossuth prizes. He was the fourth member of the so-called “new moon” generation at the literary magazine “Nyugat”.
His poetry was influenced by his concentration camp experiences, his Christian existentialism, his objective lyricism and his Catholic faith. In addition to poetry, he also wrote epic and dramatic works. In his first volume, Pilinszky draws his readers into a comprehensive world of personality, desire, love, guilt and jeopardy. His language is full of passion, approaching the borders of pain. Later, the aesthetics of the Gospel occupy a central role in his poetry, as evidenced by the increasing shift from passionate, rhythmic use of language towards glorious hopelessness and sparse, ascetic language. His poetry also became more terse, almost as a reflection of his earlier idea that “this call (“of a God banished behind facts”) must be heeded, even at the risk of eternal, perfect silence”.

Front: The front of the coin shows a bare tree in a grassy, wind-swept landscape, with a key motif from Pilinszky’s poem “Apocryph”: the rising sun, like a wide-open eye with a magnified iris and pupil. The upper circular legend reads “MAGYARORSZÁG” (Hungary), with the denomination “2000” next to it, separated by a dot, and the legend “FORINT”, along with the mint mark “BP.” on the left and the mint date “2021” on the right.
Back: The back bears a half-profile portrait of Pilinszky,based on the iconic photograph by András Szebeni, showing a thoughtful, melancholy Pilinszky leaning against a tree. Pilinszky’s signature is found on the right, with the dates of his birth and death below it: “1921-1981”. The master mark of designer and sculptor Balázs Pelcz is integrated into the hem of Pilinszky’s jacket.