We recommend our engraving services for customers who want to give a truly unique, one-of-a-kind minted gift.
We offer pre-struck medals with a matte surface for engraving to meet your needs. The motifs (edge pattern, other devices) on these medals give an idea of the occasions that they are best suited for. The matte, empty fields on the medal are suitable for engraving text, inscriptions, names, dates, etc. The letters engraved show up brilliantly against the matte background.

Text engraving can be found in the product category “Medals, other struck pieces) for the products which can be engraved at a price of EUR 0,4 per character, incl. VAT.
This price is for names, dates or text.
The price for only numbers (e.g. two numbers for someone’s age) is EUR 0,7 per character, incl. VAT; these numbers are larger (more than 1 mm thick and 5-10 mm tall).

The costs for engraving are added to the cost of the medal which is selected. For medals with engraving purchased at the Webshop and with online prepayment, the costs of engraving are charged separately and payment is due upon delivery.
Engraving takes roughly five working days from receipt of the order.
We have medals available on stock which are suitable for engraving:
• medals made of pure silver or silver-plated non-ferrous metal, with decorative edging (photo/text or text/text versions; inside the edge pattern engraving is possible on both sides, or photo-engraving on one side and engraving on the other; for more information see the page on Photo-engraving)
• silver medals for special occasions (grape leaf motif on the obverse, suitable for engraving on the reverse)
• birthday and name day silver medals (part of the matte field below the motif can be engraved)
• silver medal for university graduation (the field on the reverse can be engraved)
• silver and non-ferrous medals for secondary school graduation (part of the field can be engraved)
• horoscope medals with the zodiac sign (made of non-ferrous metal, in three finishes (copper, silver-plated or bronze patina), the entire matte field on the reverse can be engraved)
• silver retirement medal (part of the field can be engraved)
• baptism medal made of pure silver (can be engraved on part of the device, e.g. with the given name or date)
• baby medal (the non-ferrous medal included in the specially packaged series of circulation coins recommended for the birth of a child; the matte field on the reverse can be engraved; this product can only be ordered together with the circulation series)
• wedding medals (three kinds of silver medals with devices on both sides, part of the surface or the entire reverse surface can be engraved)
• silver or non-ferrous medals recommended for wedding anniversaries (the medal has motifs on both sides, the date can be engraved)

The text to be engraved can be entered in the field ‘Comments’ at the conclusion of the ordering process in the Webshop, or it can be submitted with the File upload form attached to the offer request here, or it can be sent by e-mail to the address, referencing the purchase made at the Webshop.
Some medals can also have images put on them in addition to the engraving, making the medal an even more unique gift. Pleas see the Photo-engraving menu for more information on photo-engraving options.
We hereby notify our customers that by providing a text for engraving they accept management of their personal data by the Hungarian Mint Ltd. When the medal is finished we immediately delete the text that was received.
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