Informations on loyalty discount programme

Enjoy our loyalty discount programme!

We would like to thank the loyalty of our returning customers by granting them a special discount. Started from the 4th May 2012, your completed retail purchases are accumulated. When this amount reaches the limit of HUF 150,000.- calculated at the current euro exchange rate valid on the day of your purchases, you will be entitled to a 3% discount of your next purchase, except some specific items and bundle offers.

Important to know:

  • This discount will be granted until the total value of your previous purchases of the prior 365 days to the actual purchase equals to or is higher than the limit.
  • The loyalty discount is not allowable for investment gold products, coinboxes, delivery costs. Any other off sale actions can be also excluded. However, the purchased value of the excluded items will be added to the discount limit of this programme.
  • The discount will be granted continuously, until the total value of the previous purchases of the prior 365 days of the day of your actual purchase reaches the limit.
  • Purchases completed earlier than 365 days before the day of your actual purchase will be excluded from the counting of the discount limit value.
  • Both online and offline purchases will be added to your discount limit.
  • The discount will be allowable only to the posted invoices by our book-keeping.
  • The value of the purchases withdrawn by you will be reduced from your summary. The actual status of your purchases can be followed in our website after logging in.

Rules of the loyalty discount programme can be read in the General Terms of Service.