Instructions for purchasing online in the Webshop

By clicking on WEBSHOP you can select the product you wish to purchase. The product description can be accessed by clicking on the product photo or on DETAILS below it, and contains all of the key data on the item.

If you are already a registered user, your delivery address data is automatically used when you login to the homepage.

Items selected for purchase can be placed in your shopping cart by clicking on “Cart”. The blue information bar at the top of the page notifies you that the operation was successful or if there were any errors.

Note: Gift boxes can be selected for certain products. You can select the gift box after clicking on this option.

You can continue browsing by using the Back button or just scrolling through the products and placing the selected items in the cart.

When you finish shopping you can proceed by clicking on “View cart” in the information bar. When viewing the cart, you can change the contents and quantities of products in the cart, or delete any items you do not want.

The methods of delivery available can be seen below the items in the cart. For ordering addresses (delivery address) in Hungary, one of the following four options may be selected:

  1. Receipt in person
  2. Delivery by courier service

For delivery addresses outside of Hungary the only method that may be selected is delivery by mail.
By selecting the method of delivery/receipt, you also decide how you wish to pay: for cash on delivery, payment is made to the postal employee in cash; otherwise, payment is effected online with your bank card, at the time of sending the order.
For orders placed cash on delivery, there is no need for you to do anything further until the package arrives. You will receive automated confirmation by e-mail that your order has been taken in the Webshop. The confirmation states the amount of payment required and the packaging and delivery fees, which are to be paid to the postal employee upon receipt of the delivery.

If any other delivery method is selected, payment for the goods may be made using your bank card. You can proceed with your purchase by clicking on the button “To pay online” at the bottom of the page.
After clicking this button, you are directed to the Webpage of Six Payments Services , where you can make payment with your bank card, using the bank’s encrypted transaction service, which is currently deemed to be the most secure.

Important note: The system for payment by bank card can only be accessed by our registered users. The Website does not store any bank card information.

The following bank cards are accepted:
VISA Classic, Visa Electron and Eurocard / Mastercard
We are only able to accept bank cards issued exclusively for electronic use in the event that the issuing bank authorises its use. Please inquire with your bank whether your card can be used for purchases made over the Internet.
After reviewing the data on delivery, invoicing and products on the payment page, click on the button “To pay online” to proceed to the bank’s secure main payment page.
In order to continue, you must mark the box “I have read and understood the General Terms of Service”, which confirms that you have read all of the information contained in that text.
If you would like to change your data, you have to click on the Personal data link.

Important note: After changing your data, the system will remove all items from your cart which are unavailable at your shipping address.

After marking the box to confirm that you have read the General Terms of Service, you will arrive at the Webpage provided by Six Payments Services, where you must enter your bank card number, the data on the validity of the card, and the last 3 digits of the card’s security code.

When the data has been entered correctly, click on the button “I pay it” to effect your payment, upon which the final payment amount will be deducted from your account. The products ordered will be reserved under your name.

Note! Your payment order issued by pressing the button “I pay it” on the payment Webpage of Six Payments Services qualifies as an irrevocable, non-modifiable payment order, on the basis of which – in the event that the transaction is successful – the bank issuing your payment card will charge the amount of the transaction to your card. Six Payments Services assumes no liability for you actually receiving the goods/services paid for with the amount you have transferred, nor for you receiving such in the ordered amounts or qualities, or within the specified deadlines. Our Company is solely responsible for such performance, and you may only enforce your claims vis-à-vis our Company. Six Payments Services cannot be required to reimburse the amount transferred using its online payment services on the basis of any legal grounds whatsoever.

By pressing the button “I pay it” you expressly confirm that you accept the above conditions and acknowledge such as binding.

The page will only function if JavaScript Active scripting is turned on (enabled).
Following successful payment, Six Payments Services will issue an authorisation number for the transaction; please make note of this, or print out the entire page. If the transaction fails, in the case of incorrect data, an expired bank card, or insufficient funds or card limit restrictions, Six Payments Services will send you an error message stating the source of the error.

Important note: The payment process can only be completed following correction on the basis of the error message. If the correction is not made, the payment process cannot be completed and the products remain in the cart.
In the event that payment is successful, you will see a message to this effect on the Webpage and the system will also send notification of purchase (confirmation) to your e-mail address. This confirmation contains the transaction number and the products purchased. Hand-over/delivery of the purchased items by our Company occurs by way of the method you have selected.

Failure to receive confirmation may occur if you have incorrectly entered your e-mail address, if your inbox is full or due to the settings of your Internet service provider. We recommend that you contact our Company for information if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours at the latest.

Note: For more detailed information on purchases, including information on rights of withdrawal, please refer to the General Terms of Service. The General Terms of Service can be downloaded here.