Hungarian Mint Ltd. uses cookies to operate, facilitate and track activities and to present relevant data in relation to the User on its Webpages. The cookies help us to know how Visitors are using the webpage. These cookies do not identify the Visitor in person, just collect general information such as which subpages were visited, which parts of the site were clicked on, how long did take the sessions, what kind of eventual error messages emerged, etc. Cookies of Google Analytics have such functions, too (you can see more details below about Google Analitics).
In the following, we describe the concept and purpose of cookies and summarise the various types which we use or may use on the Webpages, and (hereinafter: Webpages), as well as the lifespan of such cookies, i.e. how long such cookies remain on your device.

  1. What are cookies?

When you visit the Webpages of Hungarian Mint Ltd., small files known as cookies are saved to your computer; these cookies serve several purposes.
In order to present our Webpages to you in a personalised, interactive manner, we have to store certain data on how you use the pages. This occurs with cookies, which are small text files that are downloaded to the computer or device you are using. Following this, your Web browser (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer) sends these cookies back to our Webpages every time you visit again, allowing the Webpages to recognise you and your previous settings (e.g. user preferences, clicks, previously viewed pages).
Some of the cookies we use are necessary for the proper functioning of the Webpages (process cookies), others collect information on the use of the Webpages (statistics), to make using the pages easier and more useful. Some cookies are temporary and expire when the browser is closed, while others last longer and may remain on a computer for quite some time. Detailed information on cookies and their operation can be found on the page

  1. The purpose of cookies

The purpose of cookies is to ease navigation on the pages and thus facilitate use of the Website by storing the settings and user habits of Webpage visitors.

We use cookies to improve the user experience, by collecting information on how often and how visitors use the Webpages. With this information, we can understand how to enhance users’ experience when they visit our Webpages again.

Using cookies, statistics can be prepared which help us to understand how visitors use the Webpages and how they use other online services, allowing us to develop our services in accordance with visitors’ needs and usage habits.

Using cookies, targeted advertising can be placed on the Webpages, allowing us to present the offers which are most relevant to the visitor.

By accepting cookies and this Cookie Notice, you accept that the Webpages use cookies. If you accept this Cookie Notice, we use cookies to store this decision.

  1. What kinds of cookies do we use?

3.1. Work process cookies

Work process cookies are necessary for browsing the site and using the functions; among other things, they allow for the recording of functional or service actions by the visitor on the page in question. Without the use of work process cookies it is not possible to guarantee smooth functioning of the site. These cookies expire at the end of the user’s visit, and the cookies are automatically deleted at the end of the work process or upon closure of the browser.
Ensuring proper operation of the site occurs in accordance with the contents of Section 13/A § (3) of Act CVIII of 2001 on electronic commercial services and certain questions on services related to the information society.

3.2. User support cookies

These cookies make it possible for our site to record the selected mode of operation (e.g. is the user using the Hungarian or English version of the site, how many hits should appear in the search results, etc.). The purpose of this to make it unnecessary for the user to enter these preferences again when they re-visit the site. Depending on the cookie, they are valid until the end of the work process, up to a maximum of one year.

Our Webpages use the following User support cookies:

  • PVLANG  = stores the selected language, so that all sub-pages also appear in this language
  • USID  = assigns an individual identifier to the user
  • Cookie-notice-accepted = stores whether the user has accepted the Cookie Notice.

3.3. Performance cookies (for statistical and analytical purposes)

Using performance cookies, we collect information on how visitors use our Webpages (e.g. which parts of the page did they click on, how long did individual processes take, what error messages did they receive, etc.). This is done so that we can further develop our site in line with our visitors’ needs (services and functions available, etc.) and ensure a high quality, user-friendly experience.
Our Webpages use third-party cookies to measure performance during each visit. With these cookies, we can monitor how many users visit the Webpages and what contents they are interested in. All information is stored anonymously and visitors’ behaviours are analysed anonymously.

The Webpages are using the cookies of the following service provider for statistical and analytical purposes:

3.4. Advertising cookies (marketing purposes)

The purpose of advertising cookies is for us to select the advertisements that are most likely to interest or be important to our visitors and present such on the site. Advertising cookies make it possible for us to measure the performance of our marketing campaigns. Their lifespan mainly depends on whether the user exits the Google or Facebook application upon closing the browser. Based on this, the lifespan of individual cookies can be up two years.

The Webpages are using the cookies of the following service providers for targeting and advertising purposes:

  1. Security

When cookies are accepted, none of the Webpages store any identifiers or passwords.
Visitors can use the services available on the site with complete safety when cookies are accepted.

  1. Checking cookie settings and blocking cookies

Modern browsers allow cookie settings to be changed. Some browsers automatically accept bookies as a default setting, but this setting can be changed to automatically block the acceptance of cookies in the future. Upon change, the browser then offers the option “Change cookie settings” on each occasion.
We would point out to our site visitors that – because the cookies support and facilitate the functionality and processes of the Webpages – if they are blocked we cannot guarantee that visitors will be able to properly use all of the functions of the Webpages. In this case, the Webpages may function differently than designed in the browser.
If visitors use different devices to view and access the Webpages (e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), please check that your preferred cookie settings are properly set on the devices.

For more detailed information on settings for cookies in the following browsers, please see the following:

  1. Contact

If you have any questions about the above, please contact us:
Correspondence: Magyar Pénzverő Zrt. 1734 Budapest, Pf.: 518.