Collector coin issuance on the centenary of Nobel Memorial Prize winner János Harsányi’s birth

The Magyar Nemzeti Bank issued a silver collector coin with a face value of 10,000 forints and its non-ferrous metal version of 2,000 forints, on the 100th anniversary of János Harsányi’s birth, the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics awarded scientist, on 29 May 2020. By issuing this collector coin, the MNB wishes to pay tribute to the renowned researcher of the game theory, who was a co-recipient of the 1994 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences along with two other scientists, John Forbes Nash and Reinhald Selten ʻFor his ground-breaking work in the area of non-cooperative game theory and equilibrium analysisʼ. The collector coins were designed by sculptor Balázs Pelcz.

The silver and the non-ferrous metal versions have the same design, with their denominations being the only difference.


  • 100th Anniversary of the birth of János Harsányi non-ferrous collector coin BU 2020

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  • 100th Anniversary of the birth of János Harsányi silver collector coin PP 2020

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