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Pre-orders for the 2021 collection coins is beginning.

The collection of pre-orders for the 2021, MNB’s collector issuance programme will start on 16 November 2020. The deadline for submitting the pre-orders is 5.00 pm, 15 December 2020. You can place your online pre-order through the PRE-ORDER menu. Learn more about the Magyar Nemzeti Bank’s official 2021 collector coin issuance programme here:

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As the second coin in its series presenting Hungarian herding and hunting dogs, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank is issuing a 2,000-forint, non-ferrous collector coin entitled “Komondor”. The front of the coin shows a Komondor, while the back depicts three alert Komondor dogs standing guard on grassland, with a small farm gate, a sweep-pole well and […]

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Kiskunság National Park

Founded in 1975 as Hungary’s second national park, the Kiskunság National Park is a monument to centuries of coexistence between man and nature in the Danube-Tisza Interfluve. To mark the 45th anniversary of the Kiskunság National Park’s foundation, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank is issuing a 10,000-forint silver and a 2,000-forint non-ferrous coin in 2020. This […]

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