100 forint 2018/19 mind set

On 1 October 2019, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank issued a new 100-forint coin made of new materials, but identical in colour, size and design to the 100-forint coins already in circulation. The earlier 100-forint coins made of steel will remain in circulation and remain legal tender, but the production of these coins was ended with the issue of the coins made of new materials. Hence, the steel-based 100-forint coins struck in 2019 are the last strikes and the new coins made of cupronickel alloy are the first strikes in the history of the bi-colour 100-forint coins. This set containing the 2019 dated first and last coins also includes a 2018 dated marked TRIAL strike of the newly issued coin.

  • 100 forint 2018/19 mind set

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